How to Celebrate your Special Occasions During Lockdown and Make Them Memorable?

Parties, get-togethers and pub crawls are no longer possible due to the ongoing lockdown in Victoria. But, that doesn’t mean that your special occasions should go unmarked. So, this post tells you how to mark those special days with a little creative thinking and by taking help from technology.

Parties are all about fun, enjoyment, lots of food, dance and above all, celebrating and spending time with your loved ones. The COVID-19 pandemic has marked the second wave of lockdown in Australia ultimately turning down all outside party options. But, that doesn’t mean downplaying your celebrations.

A little creativity and help from technology will help you get the best and memorable celebrations of the year. Check out these tips.

1.      A Virtual Party

Yes! You heard it right. There are many video chatting apps such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc. that are perfect for your next virtual party celebrations. Depending upon the size of the audience, you can choose Skype for 50 members, Zoom and Google Meet both allow 100 members.

Just inform your friends beforehand and share with them the link hours before your virtual party commences. The best part is that everyone can enjoy from the comfort of their own home. If you have children, then you can set up and leave. Let your children enjoy themselves with their friends by singing, dancing or playing a game.

2.      Video Wishes

Make the person feel extra special by making a special birthday/anniversary video for him. There are many apps and websites that allow making a free video for birthdays or other celebrations. The best way would be to make a video of all family and friends wishing the person on his special day.

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3.      Gaming or Movie Show

If it’s your child’s special day then you can choose their favorite game and play on the internet. Games such as Fortnite, FIFA, Animal Crossing, etc. can be played by inviting friends online and making them join from their places.  If it’s an anniversary or special day for an adult, you can watch your favourite movie or wedding video together.

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4.      Order a Special Takeaway

The celebrations are incomplete without a tasty and delicious family meal at your favourite restaurants. Going out for family celebrations is out of the question now as family safety and security is the first priority. So, rather than going out why not get the food delivered at home instead.

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