Food Takeaway and Delivery amid COVID-19: How to Protect Your Dinner?

The Food Safety Standards, Australia have clearly stated that the Novel Coronavirus is not transmitted through food.   But still, we all are encouraged to follow safety and hygiene practices to avoid the risk of infection. This story covers how to protect your dinner while ordering from the best takeaway restaurants in Bendigo.

The top news website BBC has clearly mentioned in their post that by following proper social distancing and zero-touch delivery norms, the risk can be minimized. Most of the reputed food delivery Bendigo restaurants have started providing professional and hygienic food preparations.

Also, the risk from a freshly cooked takeaway meal is negligible. According to the top website Forbes, the main concern is who is touching the packets and the germs in the air. By aiming for no-touch delivery and hygienic packaging the infection risk can be mitigated to a great extent.

Let’s see how you can ensure safe takeaways and deliveries.

Before Ordering

1.       Check for Hygienic Preparations

Before ordering, explore the restaurant website or call them to know what safety precautions they are following. Make sure that the restaurant offers a zero-touch delivery or takeaway. Also, the best Bendigo food delivery service should allow the customer to make an online payment and should not restrict them to pay cash.

2.       Check for Allergy

Check the takeaway menu. A good restaurant would list down all the ingredients used so that the customers with specific allergy can make a right choice.

3.       Opt for a Zero-Contact Delivery

Contactless delivery is now a new normal and is indeed the most effective way of suppressing the virus. Ask the delivery boy to keep the parcel at your doorstep and pay by online modes. Or, try to maintain a distance of atleast 3 feet while accepting the food delivery. All means of physical contact should be avoided.

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After Receiving the Food Parcel

4.       Sanitize the Parcel and Your Hands

Make sure that you have sanitized your hands before receiving the packet.  Also, after picking up the parcel, sanitize the plastic bag or parcel box by cleaning and wiping it with a sanitizer or bleach. This eliminates every germ or virus contagion.

5.       Transfer the Contents in Your Containers

It may seem tempting to eat directly from the takeout food containers as it avoids the pile of dishes in the sink. But, in these COVID times, it is essential to discard all the foil, boxes, plastic wrappings etc and transfer food items in your own containers.

Open the contents in a sink or washbasin or a space that can be washed/sanitized later.  Carefully remove all the inner contents and transfer them to your home containers. After that, dispose-off the packing and wash your hands with soap.

6.       Avoid Eating with Hands

One of the added precautions that can be followed is to avoid eating the delivered food with hands. Try eating with spoons, forks etc. Avoid using any cutlery received with the parcel and use your own clean bowl or plate.

7.       Reheat the Delivered Food

According to WHO, coronavirus are thermolabile which means that they get destroyed and killed at normal cooking temperatures. So, it is advisable to reheat the delivered food before eating. Leftovers, if any, should be refrigerated. Make sure that the food should be consumed within three days. Discard if it is more than that.

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