Ditch The Weekends! Now it’s Weekdays- the New Normal for Weddings in 2020

Weekdays are turning out to be new weekends in the world of the wedding industry. With the surge of people going for wedding rescheduling, here’s why you should choose a weekday for a perfect intimate wedding in 2020.

2020 has completely disrupted the entire wedding industry. When on one hand COVID-19 pandemic has put restrictions on the social gathering, the weddings planned in the upcoming spring 2020 are witnessing a reverse drift.

Weekdays are trending!

Why should I get married on a Weekday?

You might be grappling on the thought of getting married on a Monday or Wednesday, but honestly, there are lots of advantages to a weekday wedding. And, cost-savings grabs the lion’s share. Have a look at why weekdays weddings are a perfect choice in the current scenario.

1.     Secure Your Dream Venue and Date

Don’t push your date to 2021 or 2022; get married soon at your dream venue on a Weekday wedding!

The venue you have been dreaming of for years may have its Saturdays booked for upcoming months or even a year (in advance, of course). But, they may have a midweek availability and that too at an affordable price.

You can choose a popular date or a palindrome date such as 1/20/21 which is a Wednesday.

So, the chances of getting a dream date in your dream venue are brighter if you go for weekdays.

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2.      Keep the Cost Low

This is no brainer!

As Saturday is the most popular and preferred day for the weddings/nuptial ceremonies it tends to cost heavily on your wallet. Apart from venue other associated costs such as food & beverages, vendor packages, decorations, etc. are also expected to be charged at higher price tags.

The cost to meet your demand for Saturday soiree is guaranteed to take a toll on your finances.

Weekdays being unpopular and uncommon choice are easily available at your favourite date and your dream venue at affordable prices.

You can seriously save good money and instead plan a longer honeymoon.

3.      Availability of your Favourite Vendors

Akin to wedding venues, your favourite wedding planner, photographers or make-up artist may be pre-booked for Saturdays (and weekends) even up to 7-8 months in advance. Getting space in their jam-packed schedule is next to impossible.

But, this impossible can be turned possible by asking for midweek availability. The chances of having them booked on weekdays are fairly less. In fact, you may even strike a better deal or great discounts on your bookings for cakes, photoshoots, beauty packages etc.

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4.      Huge Savings on Airfare and Hotel Bookings

The reason is obvious.

Most of the Hotels struggle to fill their rooms with guests on the weekdays. So, room rates tend to be lower. The rule stands true for flights and lodging as well. Lesser is the demand, lower are the prices. A weekday wedding leaves no stone unturned to save big on your D-day.

You may be lucky to get luxurious rooms at the price of normal rooms. Cheaper airfare makes things a lot easier on your guests’ wallets as well.

5.      Intimate Wedding

Amid the new social distancing norms, only a fixed number of people can attend the wedding. So, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Weekend or any other weekday. What matters is that you spend quality time with the ones you love on your special day.

A weekday wedding is a complete intimate affair with cosier group of guests who will surely attend your wedding no matter what.

Make sure that you share your wedding date with your guests well in advance so that they can make appropriate arrangements.

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Your Wedding date clashing with your bestie’s wedding? Don’t worry! Now no more clashes. Go for a weekday wedding.

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